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Parks & Recreation Park Use Permits

A Permit is required for conducting any of the following in a Kent County Park:

  • Special Events: Includes any organized activity or event coordinated by a formal organized group which will be advertised or noticed in any publication, poster or flyer; or requests or requires a fee be paid for participation; and/or may be attended by 20 or more people.
  • Ongoing Activities or Programs
  • Activities / Programs outside of established County Parks standards: Examples include: afterhours use of a park facility, off-trail use, camping in a non-designated area, etc.
  • Sales of Any Services or Products (Concessionaires Permit): Includes all commercial use of the parks (vendors)
  • Filming Sessions - Capturing or recording motion pictures using video, film, digital or other technology.
  • Commercial Photography: Any form of black and white or color photography (digital, chemical or by other means or technology) that is performed for profit or other commercial purposes or that may be sold or used for commercial purposes.
  • Drone Use/Operation: For Drone usage/operation inquiries please contact
  • Specimen Collection
  • Spreading of Ashes

Please submit a completed Permit Application to request a permit for conducting any of the above in a County Park.

Completed Applications can be:

Please note:

The submittal of a Permit Application(PDF, 188KB) is a request for your event or activity only. The application does not constitute a permit or approval for your event or activity. Upon approval of your application, permit requirements must be completed in order to proceed with the event or activity.

For further information regarding permits, please review:

  • Park Permit Conditions: These general conditions apply to all permits issued.

    • There may be additional conditions that apply. Our permit staff will notify you of additional addendum items once the permit is approved.

For information regarding fees and any other questions please contact the Parks & Recreation Division at, or 302-744-2495.

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Step 2.Prepare your documents.

Step 3.Complete application & make a payment.

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