Kent County GIS

Kent County’s GIS Team

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.

The geographic information system team's mission is to develop, maintain, analyze, and provide access to geospatial data utilized by Kent County administration & the general public. The GIS program provides access to geospatial data through computer interfaces as well as printed map products. 

The GIS team maintains data on 82,000 parcels, 83,000 addresses, 17,000 garbage pickup locations, and a sewer system connected to 26,000 buildings. The GIS team leverages state-of-the art ESRI technology to develop accurate data, store data securely, and create geospatial information products. Responsibilities of the GIS team include:

  • Analyzing data and producing reports to aid decision-making processes in planning and administrative operations

  • Supporting emergency responders with 911 addressing and location information

  • Preparing to support emergency operations in the event of natural disaster such as a hurricane

  • Providing the general public access to our data with online GIS applications


GIS Applications

General Purpose Map App

General Purpose Map App

Our general purpose web map provides access to over 70 geospatial datasets aggregated from municipality, county, state, and federal GIS programs. In this application, you can view parcel and addressing data from all municipalities within Kent County, aerial photography from Delaware's GIS team, wetland areas from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, flood zones from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and much more!


General Purpose Web App Shadow.png

General Purpose Map App

Tips for using our general purpose map app:

Use the magnifying glass icon to find specific locations by entering a parcel owner's name (last name first), a parcel ID number (only numbers and dashes), a development name, or a road name.

The list on the left is a list of datasets available for viewing and querying. Check the box to display a dataset. Click the arrow to the left to expand a category and access more datasets.

Each dataset is deactivated at a specific zoom level. If a dataset isn't displaying on the map and is greyed out in the list, zoom in further to activate the dataset. This prevents data overload.

Click the question mark icon in the lower right hand corner to view the a help document.



Plot Planner


Plot Planner

Do you need to provide plot plans to obtain a permit? Use this our Plot Plan App to draw your plot plans to scale digitally. Visit the help page for this app here.


Plot Planner Shadow.png

Plot Planner

Utility Availability

Utility Availability

Explore the utility options available near you! This app displays information related to electrical infrastructure, garbage services, clean water, wastewater, and broadband internet providers.


Utility Availability Shadow.png

Utility Availability App

Address List Generator

Address List Generator

Use this app to generate a list of addresses in an area of your choice. Circle the areas on the map with the drawing tool. Choose to mail the parcel owners or the current residents. Pick from a selection of output formats. Visit the help page for this app here.



Address List Generator Shadow.png

Address List Generator

Outdoor Explorer

Outdoor Explorer

Did you know that much of the Kent County Coastline consists of protected wildlife areas uninhabited by people? Use the outdoor explorer app to explore public parks, recreational areas, wildlife sanctuaries, boating facilities, fishing spots, hunting areas, little known beaches, and hidden outdoor gems around Kent County.


Outdoor Explorer Shadow.png

Outdoor Explorer

Census Data Viewer

Census Data Viewer

Do you ever wonder what the median home value is in your area or what percentage of the homes in your area are rented vs. homeowner occupied? Find the answers to questions like that here! Our census data viewer shows household data for the census tracts in Kent County.


Census Data Shadow.png

Census Data Viewer


E-911 Addressing

On January 1, 1989, the State of Delaware and Kent County implemented the enhanced 911 telephone system to help save lives and property in our county.  The E-911 system provides location information to first responders to help them quickly locate distressed people and property. In order for this system to work, it was necessary to readdress portions of Kent County with a more comprehensive addressing system and enforce addressing standards. 

All new residential and commercial properties must have a building permit issued before an E-911 address is assigned. For more information on permits, visit the Inspections and Enforcement home page.

All newly created roads including private roads that will serve two or more lots are required to have separate and unique names. Prior to final plot approval, proposed street names must be submitted for approval in writing via email, fax (302-736-2128), or send to 

Kent County Levy Court

Mapping Division

555 Bay Road

Dover, DE 19901


Guidelines for Posting House Numbers

Section 303 of the 2000 International Property Maintenance Code states that "Buildings shall have approved address numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. These numbers shall contrast with their background. Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letters. Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches (102mm) high with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inch (12.7mm)."

- House numbers must be clearly visible on the front side of the home and on the mailbox.

- If the house is not visible or is more than 50 feet from the road, display numbers at the driveway entrance.


Street Sign Guidelines

Did you know that in a minor subdivision of 2 or more lots, a private street is created? To ensure that your property can be located, a street sign must be installed. Contact a sign dealer of your choice and provide them with the  following standards:

1. Correct spelling of the street name

2. Post Style - 2"x2" Break-Away Assembly

3. Street Blade - Aluminum sign using silver reflectorized letters on a green background of reflectorized sheeting. Letters shall be 4" high.

Colors: Engineer grade green with high intensity silver


Phone: 302-744-2416

Fax: 302-736-2128