Planning Services

Planning Division

Contact this office about zoning information and building setback requirements. Our requirements are listed in Chapters 101, 187, 188, and 205 of the Kent County Code

This office reviews and processes a variety of Land Use applications. This includes:

  • Variance applications for the Board of Adjustment hearings.

  • Site plans, rezonings, conditional uses, subdivision plans, and more for the Regional Planning Commission.  

  • Administrative applications for home businesses, accessory dwelling units, and zoning verifications.

  • Minor Subdivisions and Lot Line Adjustments that can be approved administratively.

  • Stormwater Maintenace District program applications and petitions.

  • Writing and administering the County's 10-year Comprehensive Plan.  Take a look at the last plan from 2018.(PDF, 16MB)

Phone: 302-744-2471

Fax: 302-736-2128


Inspections and Enforcement Division

This office handles building permits and inspections, but also code enforcement. The mission of the Inspections and Enforcement Division is to ensure the quality of life for the citizens of Kent County through the enforcement of all County and State mandated codes to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

Phone: 302-744-2451 or 302-744-2455

Fax: 302-736-2123


Community Development Division

The Department of Housing and Community Development seeks to improve the quality of life of low-to-moderate income persons through the administration of various housing and community development programs.

Housing assistance is provided in the form of grants for the repair of owner-occupied houses and manufactured housing.  Community Development assistance is provided in the form of grants that provide upgrades to public facilities such as water, sewer, storm drainage and streets.

Phone: 302-744-2480

Fax: 302-736-2123


GIS (Mapping and 911 Addressing) Division

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.

The Geographic Information System team's mission is to develop, maintain, analyze, and provide access to geospatial data utilized by Kent County Administration & the general public. The GIS program provides access to geospatial data through computer interfaces as well as printed map products. 

Phone: 302-744-2416

Fax: 302-736-2128