EEO Statement & Employment Policies

Kent County Levy Court affirms its dedication to equal opportunity in employment and services. Kent County Levy Court is commitment to equal opportunity, non-discrimination, pregnancy protection, and a drug-free workplace, with avenues for addressing concerns.

  1. Non-Discrimination Against Disabled Individuals: Kent County ensures equal access for individuals with disabilities and provides contact details for addressing related discrimination concerns.

  2. Non-Discrimination Policy: Kent County does not discriminate based on various factors and provides avenues for addressing discrimination complaints.

  3. Protection Against Pregnancy Discrimination: Employees are protected from pregnancy discrimination and entitled to reasonable accommodation, regardless of disability status.

  4. Complaint Procedures: Concerns about employee conduct can be directed to the Kent County Personnel Office for investigation and action.

  5. Drug-Free Workplace Policy: Kent County maintains a drug-free workplace and reports violations to law enforcement.

  6. Contact Information for More Information: Employees can seek further clarification from the Kent County Personnel Office.