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When was Kent County established?

The year was 1683. This date is honored as part of the County's Official Seal.

How many cities, and how many towns are located in Kent county?

A municipality is a city or town that has corporate status and local government. Kent County has 17 towns and 3 cities. City of Dover, City of Harrington, and we share the City of Milford with Sussex County. Our towns are:  Bowers, Camden, Cheswold, Clayton, Farmington, Felton, Frederica, Hartly, Houston, Kenton, Leipsic, Little Creek, Magnolia, Smyrna, Viola, Woodside and Wyoming.



What agricultural crop is Kent County most known for?


What is the Kent County Motto?

"Serving Kent County with Pride!"

Where was the first Levy Court located?

The first Levy Court Offices were located in the Old State House. Dover

When was the first Levy Court meeting held?

December 25, 1863

How many Kent County Levy Court Commssioners are there?

The answer is 7 (Seven). Commissioners are appointed by election. They serve five-year terms. Seven are selected to assure a fair voting process when discussing County business.

Who is an NBA player from Kent County Delaware?

Laron Profit
Set Caesar Rodney High #37 basketball career-scoring record. Was
Delaware player of the year in 1995; starred at Maryland; now
with Wizards.


Who is a MLB Player from Kent County Delaware?

#29 Chris Short
Two-time All-Star pitcher was 135-132 with 3.43 ERA in 15-year
major league career; was 17-9 with 2.20 ERA in 1964 with Phillies.


Who is a famous actress from Kent County Delaware

Image of Teri Polo Born in Dover Delaware
Teri Polo


Teri Polo was born in Dover, Delaware. Teri Polo is an American actress known for her roles Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Little Fockers. She has also guest-starred in many television shows and was one of the stars in “I’m With Her” and “The West Wing”


What was the previous address of the Kent Conty Levy Court?

The Levy Court was located at 414 Federal Street, Dover. Offices were located inside the Kent County Superior Court Courthouse.

How many Levy Courts are there in the United States?

A: One. Kent County Levy Court is the first, the last, the only remaining in the country.





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