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Kent County Mission

Our aim is to provide top-notch local leadership, collaborating closely with the community to devise solutions for stronger communities and future generations.


County Departments

County Administration: Oversees County functions including personnel, infrastructure, and economic development. Headed by the County Administrator, who advises Commissioners and manages day-to-day operations.

Community Services: Manages County libraries and parks, providing outreach and recreational activities for residents.

Finance: Handles financial records, reports, investments, tax collection, and property assessments.

Planning Services: Coordinates County planning activities, including GIS, inspections, and growth planning.

Public Safety: Administers emergency communications, management, and medical services for the County.

Public Works: Manages engineering, wastewater facilities, and sanitation services for the County.

Clerk of the Peace: Witnesses County documents, manages Levy Court meetings, advertises ordinances, and issues marriage licenses.

Recorder of Deeds: Maintains legal documents related to land, mortgages, and appointments.

Sheriff: Executes court functions and serves legal notices for state and federal courts.

Register of Wills: Records wills and oversees estate matters in compliance with Delaware law and County policies.

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Kent County Municipalities

©R.Sezamici image of Felton Delaware

Kent County has 17 towns and 3 cities. City of Dover, City of Harrington, and Kent County shares the City of Milford with Sussex County. Our towns are: Bowers, Camden, Cheswold, Clayton, Farmington, Felton, Frederica, Hartly, Houston, Kenton, Leipsic, Little Creek, Magnolia, Smyrna, Viola, Woodside and Wyoming.



Legend has it that Delaware earned its nickname, the "Diamond State," from Thomas Jefferson, who referred to it as a "jewel among the states." A combination of costal, agriculture, and industry, with its location close to metropolitan areas including Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Kent County, Delaware is a gem of the mid-Atlantic region.



Total Population in Kent County, Delaware is 181,851.

Data Source: Censusdata.gov; 2020 Decennial Census



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