Trash & Recycling Schedule


Garbage and Recycling collection occurs WEEKLY, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Yard Waste collection also occurs weekly starting the first full week of April through the last full week of December each year.


Garbage and Recycling collection happens weekly, Monday through Friday, between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Yard Waste is also collected on your normal pick-up day from April to December annually. Remember to place containers out the night before your collection day at the end of your driveway, away from obstacles like mailboxes, parked cars, or other containers. (Obstructed containers cannot be collected). If your cans are not out for service when they haulers come through, they will not be able to come back to service it. 


If you have any questions, contact the Public Works office at 302-744-2429.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste collection occurs from the first full week in April through the last full week in December every year. For verification of dates please contact 302-744-2429.

Please refer to the guidelines on how to properly prepare your yard waste containers. If you do not have a green yard waste can your trash district may not participate in yard waste services. You may contact the office to verify this information and learn how you may petition for yard waste services. 


Collection will not occur on the following holidays: New Year's Day, July 4th (Independence Day), Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Day. If a holiday falls on a Monday (Memorial Day and Labor Day), collection for all residents will be one day later. If a holiday falls on a Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), only Thursday and Friday collections will be one day later. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be no change to the schedule.

To verify this please refer to the Holiday schedule below or contact our office at 302-744-2429.

2024 Holiday Trash & Recycle schedule(PDF, 147KB)


Garbage Do's & Dont's

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recyling in Delaware Do's & Dont's


Yard Waste Disposal




It was a holiday on my scheduled trash day. When will my garbage be collected?


If the following holiday falls on your scheduled service day, pick up will be delayed by one day.

Memorial Day: Monday service will be Tuesday; Tuesday service will be Wednesday so on so forth.

4th of July: Thursday service will be Friday; Friday service will be Saturday. 

Labor Day: Monday service will be Tuesday; Tuesday service will be Wednesday, so on so forth.

Thanksgiving Day: Thursday service will be Friday; Friday service will be Saturday. 

Christmas Day: Wednesday service will be Thursday; Thursday service will be Friday; Friday service will be Saturday. 

New Year's Day 2025: Wednesday service will be Thursday; Thursday service will be Friday; Friday service will be Saturday. 


How do I obtain a new or additional trash/recycle bin?

If your can is damaged or missing, contact our office at 302-744-2429, or  We do not replace cans because they are old or dirty. If you would like to request an additional can, you must be the property owner, and there cannot be any past due balances owed for the property, i.e. past due sewer or taxes. 


What kind of trash & recycle bins may be used in Kent County?


A BLACK garbage container and a BLUE and YELLOW recycling container are placed at each property. A GREEN yard waste container will also be placed at properties in districts that have yard waste service. Residents must use the provided containers on each collection day. Containers are owned by Kent County and remain on the property if the ownership changes. Residents should identify containers with the property address to help avoid loss or theft. A 2nd garbage, recycle or yard waste container may be requested. Each property can have a maximum of 4 County issued cans per property, of any variation. If you are already maxed out on County cans you may use 32 gallon or less personal cans, with a maximum of 5 cans per service including your County issued can. Trash, Recycling or Yard Waste maximum weight is not to exceed 40 pounds. County or personal containers cannot be collected if overweight.

What are restricted items? Where can they be disposed?

Restricted items will not be collected. Residents must dispose of them properly at the "Sandtown Landfill." Sleep sofas can be collected only if the inside mechanism is removed.

Restricted items include:

  • Hazardous materials: Gasoline, oil-based paint, propane fuel tanks, pesticides, pool chemicals, oil filters/motor oil.
  • Automobile parts: Tires, batteries, and motor parts.
  • Construction/Landscaping materials: Drywall, lumber, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, cinderblock, patio block, pavers, wooden or plastic deck and fence materials, etc.
  • Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners & dehumidifiers: Appliances containing Freon require special handling; contact the Department of Public Works for disposal instructions.
  • Electronics: Recycle computers, laptops, cell phones, etc., by dropping them off at any DSWA electronic drop-off site. For more information, contact DSWA at (800) 404-7080 or visit
  • Paint: Air dry small quantities of water-soluble paint (Latex) in the can or absorb with cat litter. Place dry paint can - with lid removed - into the garbage container. Cans containing wet paint cannot be collected.
  • Carpet/padding: Cut to widths of 4 feet or less, roll and secure with rope, twine, or duct tape, and place next to the garbage container. Each roll counts as 1 bulk item.

Please refrain from placing the following items in your recycling can:

  • Styrofoam - This includes egg cartons, meat packaging, coffee cups, take-out containers, and any other Styrofoam products.
  • Paper products with food residue - This includes paper plates, napkins, paper towels, and containers with leftover food.
  • Plastic wraps - Avoid putting shrink wrap, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and plastic newspaper bags in recycling.
  • Plastic shell packaging - This encompasses plastic party platters, trays, cake, pie, and cookie trays.
  • Other plastics - This includes plastic silverware, picnic plates, mini-blinds, plastic furniture, toys, strollers, and car seats.
  • Aluminum foil and pans - Aluminum foil and baking pans should not be recycled.
  • Household glass - Avoid recycling dishware, windows, mirrors, glass tabletops, and shelves.
  • Furniture - Items such as tables, chairs, wall units, entertainment centers, dressers, and bed frames should not be placed in recycling.
  • Clothing, shoes, and textiles - Clothes, shoes, purses, belts, coats, blankets, and towels are not recyclable.
  • Household hazardous materials - Products labeled as "Hazardous," "Flammable," "Poisonous," "Corrosive," and "Explosive," including gasoline, motor oil/oil filters, car batteries, oil-based paint, varnish, wood stains, drain cleaners, bleach, pesticides, and pool chemicals.

These items can be taken to free Hazardous Waste Collection events held throughout Delaware. For event schedules, contact DSWA at 1-800-404-7080 or visit


The “Sandtown Landfill” is located at 1107 Willow Grove Road (Route 10 West) in Sandtown, Delaware and is operated by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA). A disposal fee will be charged for disposal at the landfill. For directions, fees and hours of operation, please call DSWA at (800) 404-7080 or visit

How do I dispose of yard waste in Kent County?

The Delaware Code prohibits combining yard waste with household garbage or recycling. All yard waste—such as grass clippings, leaves, tree branches, twigs, brush, shrubs, bushes, and weeds—must be placed UNBAGGED into the green yard waste container provided by Kent County. Yard Waste service is provided by Kent County to most communities but not all.  Collection happens on the resident's regular collection day.

Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

For residents with Yard Waste pickup.

  • DO NOT BAG YARD WASTE - Bags of yard waste will not be collected, as bags cannot be mulched.
  • ALL YARD WASTE MUST BE PLACED INSIDE A CAN (except tied bundles of branches).
  • DO NOT OVERFILL CONTAINER - Lid should be closed to avoid overfilling, as overfilled containers cannot be collected.
  • MAXIMUM QUANTITY: Up to 5 yard waste items will be collected each week, with the first item always being the County green yard waste container. The remaining 4 items may be a combination of privately owned 32-gallon cans or bundles of branches.
  • TREE BRANCHES: Tree branches must be 3 inches in diameter or smaller, cut to a length of 4 feet or less, and securely tied into bundles (maximum of 4). Place bundles next to the green yard waste container for collection. Tree branches sticking out of a can cannot be collected due to safety hazards.
  • RESTRICTED ITEMS: Restricted items such as mulch, dirt, pavers, railroad ties, fencing, concrete, and rocks cannot be collected.
  • CHRISTMAS TREES: For residents receiving "Yard Waste" service, Christmas trees will be collected during the 2nd and 3rd week of January each year only. Contact the office to verify collection dates at 302-744-2429.

Any residents that do not have yard waste pick up can dispose of their yard waste at the Sandtown Landfill. Check the DSWA website to verify what yard waste items can be dropped off.

How do I dispose of Bulk items in Kent County?

Bulk (Large) Items: These include furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, carpets, TVs, patio furniture, grills, lawn mowers, and other large household items needing special handling. Items must fit into the truck, be manually lifted into it, and able to crush within it. Residents unsure of an item's acceptability should contact the Department of Public Works, as some items cannot be collected. Up to 4 Bulk Items will be collected weekly at no extra cost.