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Below will help you navigate using Kent County Parks & Recreation Facilities. 

General Park Rules

1. Motor vehicles restricted to designated parking areas only.

2. Drugs, alcoholic beverages, and weapons are prohibited.

3. No open fires.

4. No littering, all parks are carry in, carry out facilities.

5. Lewd behavior and obscene language is prohibited.

6. No person shall harm any animal, vegetation or structure.

7. Dogs must be on a connecting leash and not pose a threat to any person.

8. No auto repair or maintenance activities in parking areas.

9. Use of metal detectors and the removal of antiquities are prohibited.

10. Organized team and league practice by official Kent County permit only.

11. Use of park and parking lots is restricted to daylight hours only.

12. No golf or equestrian activities.

13. No solicitation or vending without official Kent County permit.

14. All persons using park facilities do so at their own risk.

15. No water activities unless permitted.

General Park Use Procedures

1. Kent County does not issue permits for private exclusive use of pavilions. All pavilions can be used by the general public and cannot be reserved, roped off, covered, decorated, etc. in advance of your intended use. Patrons cannot deny the use of pavilion tables if not immediately occupied. Seating is limited.

2. Sports fields may be rented for exclusive private use. Permits can be obtained through the Parks and Recreation Office. Permits cannot be issued inside of 15 days and outside of three months. Fee and security deposit apply.

3. Kent County provides pet waste bags at each of its parks. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet(s) and removing waste from the park.

4. Kent County Parks are “carry-in, carry-out” facilities. Patrons are responsible for removing their trash when they leave the park. Small trash bags are available at each park for your convenience.

Pavilion Use Guidelines

Pavilions are intended for general public use with the following restrictions:

1. No individual or group may hold, reserve, rope off, or otherwise take up more space/tables than needed AT THE TIME OF OCCUPATION, without prior permission by form of Kent County Special Event Permit.

2. No individual or group may require current users to leave/vacate the pavilion without prior permission by form of Kent County Special Event Permit.

3. Decorations (balloons, table cloth, streamers, signs, etc.) for any gathering are strictly prohibited without prior permission by form of Kent County Special Event Permit.

4. Any approved Kent County Special Event Permit for use will be posted with specific date of event for public notice prior to the event.

5. All park facilities are "carry -in, carry-out" facilities. Please remove all trash upon your departure. 6. Amplified music (boom boxes, DJ services, PA systems, etc.) are prohibited.


Remote Controlled Airplane Special Permit Requirements

County Park Locations for Operation of RC Airplanes

1. Kesselring County Park (1683 New Burton Rd, Dover) - SOUTH FIELD

2. Big Oak County Park (417 Big Oak Rd, Smyrna) - SOUTHEAST FIELD

3. Browns Branch County Park (1415 Killens Pond Rd, Harrington) - NORTH FIELD

Special Regulations for operation of Remote Controlled Airplanes in County Parks

1. Operation of Remote Controlled Airplanes is only allowable under a permit obtained through the Parks and Recreation Office

2. Operators must be in possession of an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Membership Card and operate in accordance with the AMA Flying Site Safety Rules, and Flying Site Operational Rules

3. Operation of Remote Controlled Airplanes shall be allowed in the south field at Kesselring County Park, southeast field at Big Oak County Park, and the north field at Browns Branch County Park

4. Operation of Remote Controlled Airplanes shall be in accordance with the FAA – UAV Part 107 Rules

5. Operation of Remote Controlled Airplanes is limited to electric models only, no gas powered or jet powered models allowed

6. Operation of Remote Controlled Airplanes shall stay beneath a 400’ flight ceiling while operating and stay within the physical boundaries of the park

7. Maximum of four (4) operators flying at any given time per park; events with more than four (4) operators may be scheduled through the Parks and Recreation Office

8. Operators must visibly wear their permit while operating, and shall not operate from under cover or inside a vehicle

9. Permit holder shall be responsible for identifying and enforcing these special regulations with non-permitted operators while at a Kent County Park

10. Permit is not transferable, and guests of a permit holder are not entitled to fly under that permit

11. Permit must be renewed upon expiration date on ID Card

For specific park rules and use procedures, please call the Parks and Recreation Office at 302-744-2495.

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