Trash, Recycling & Sewer

The Department of Public Works is responsible for Wastewater Management, Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste, and Streetlight services in Kent County for most areas that are typically not in a municipality.

Trash & Recycling Guidelines

Daily Trash Schedule

Find out Kent County Trash & Recycling weekly pickup days.

All services are picked up on your scheduled day each week, including bulk pick up.

What's my pickup day?(PDF, 100KB)


Holiday Trash Schedule 

When a holiday falls on a scheduled pickup day, garbage, recycling and yard waste will be collected one day later than your scheduled pickup day for the rest of that week. Regular collection days resume the following Monday.

Holiday Trash & Recycling Schedule (PDF, 147KB)

For trash issues, to report a faulty streetlight, or streetlight outage call 302-744-2429.


Yard Waste Guidelines



The best way to help the environment is to reduce your waste and reuse when and where you can. Before recycling, prioritize reducing waste, reusing items, and recycling whenever possible instead of throwing them away.  Want to check to make sure it is recyclable? Click Here

Recyling in Delaware Do's & Dont's



For sewer emergencies call 302-363-4537, 24/7.



For sewer billing questions call 302-744-2391.

Pay My Sewer Bill


How to Obtain a Trash or Recycling Bin

If your can is damaged or missing, contact our office at 302-744-2429, or Most damaged cans be repaired, i.e. a broken or missing lid and broken or missing wheels. We do not replace cans because they are old or dirty. Most repairs or replacements can take up to 3 business days or longer depending on the list of current repairs or replacements. In order for the can to be repaired or replaced, you will need to contact our office to schedule when to leave the can out and it must remain out at the end of your driveway empty until repairs or the replacement is completed. 


If you would like to request an additional can, you must be the property owner, and there cannot be any past due balances owed for the property, i.e. past due sewer or taxes. You may have up to 4 total County issued cans per property. If you are maxed out on County cans you may also purchase additional 32 gallon or less personal cans and you can place up to 4 personal cans out alongside of your County issued cans. You may have a maximum of 5 total cans out per week, per service (garbage, recycle, yard waste). If you have the maximum number of cans out, you may not place bulk out to be serviced that week. 

Trash Billing

Kent County Garbage Collection Rates- June 1, 2024- May 31, 2025:

With Yard Waste: $365.00

Without Yard Waste: $334.00

Billing information for new trash districts and new customers in existing districts:

*Garbage Collection service is billed once per year on the annual County Tax Billing for each property. 

*If the effective date of the garbage collection service does not coincide with the annual tax billing, a pro-rated bill will be sent to the property owner.  (Example:  If a property is eligible for billing in January, a prorated bill for the months of January through May 31st will be sent to the property owner.)

*The property owner is responsible for payment of any billing.  If the property owner has contracted with their mortgage company to pay taxes from their escrow account, it is the property owners' responsibility to ensure their mortgage company receives the annual County Tax Billing. 

* If the property owner is leasing the property, the property owner is responsible for payment of any billing. At no time will the billing be changed to a rental agency or to the lessee.


Kent County offers street light service to various developments and communities within its jurisdiction. If your community lacks streetlights, reach out to the Department of Public Works for comprehensive guidance on acquiring this service.

For Homeowners Associations wishing to delegate street light maintenance and billing responsibilities to Kent County, please contact 302-744-2430.

Developers must adhere to Kent County Code (Chapter 187), mandating the installation of streetlights in subdivisions, with coordination required through the Department of Public Works. For specific instructions, please call 302-744-2430.

To report a street light problem in your community

Call the Department of Public Works at 302-744-2429.

Sewer Permits

Residential & Commercial Sewer Permitting

A sewer permit is required for any residential or commercial property connecting to the Kent County central sewer system.  Sewer permits can be applied for online using the MyGovernmentOnline customer portal.  Please call 302-744-2430 for information. 

Miss Utility Delmarva Information

To avoid damaging underground utilities residents are reminded to contact "Miss Utility Delmarva" Dial 811 to have underground utilities marked on the property before beginning any project such as construction of a home, deck, shed or garage or installation of a pool or fence.

Sewer District Expansions & New Subdivisions

For complete information on sewer district expansion applications, fees, planning, permitting and construction, please contact the Public Works, Engineering Division at 302-744-2430.

Sewer Advisory Board

The Kent County Sewer Advisory Board (SAB), established in 1973, advises the Kent County Levy Court Commissioners on sewer system operations, expansions, and overall development. It consists of 13 members, representing each Levy Court District, municipality, Dover Air Force Base, and the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC).

The SAB's responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and advising on the development of new sewer areas/districts.
  • Conducting technical feasibility studies and providing recommendations on design and construction costs.
  • Overseeing industrial and commercial user contracts.
  • Ensuring compatibility with the Regional Comprehensive Land Use Plan and federal/state environmental requirements.
  • Recommending sewer user rates, rate adjustments, and operational costs.
  • Supporting environmental programs and initiatives.
  • Managing the Sewer Fund Budget.

Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Check the Levy Court Meetings & Agendas to verify Dates and Times.


Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2024


Public-Notice-Impact-Fee-Rate-Increases-07012024.pdf(PDF, 247KB)